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American Society of Indexers
2001 Annual Meeting in Boston

Request for Suggestions and Ideas

Seth Maislin has gratefully built this page as a forum for ASI members to help plan the 2001 ASI conference in Boston.

The Boston-based planning committee members, who are volunteering their services for the national conference planning committee (run by Diana Witt), are looking for your Boston-based suggestions regarding the conference. (Events accessible by public or group transportation are best.)

There are three kinds of suggestions:

  • Boston-based tourism and educational activities (e.g., Boston Duck Tours, Boston Public Library tour)
  • local speakers and panels (e.g., employees of at MIT Press, Bentley College professors, industry professionals)
  • local vendors and sponsors (e.g., Staples, ASIS and STC chapters, Simmons College)

For tourism suggestions, please provide any reasons such plans might be difficult, for example, Duck Tours require advanced reservations for larger groups; Blue Man Group isn't performed every weeknight; the library closes at 6pm; you can't get to Acton by public transportation; Bill Cosby charges $100,000 for two hours; and so on. Provide contact information or websites if you know or can find them. Of course, if you have an "inside connection" that makes events less expensive or easier to plan, please tell us.

For all other suggestions, we need you to be as specific as possible. Making a suggestion like "let's get Simmons College to send a representative" isn't helpful; specifying the library science program -- and even better, the name of the program head -- is needed. For vendors, tell us why it would be a good match; you need to sell both us and them on the idea. For speakers and panels, suggest ideas on presentation topics.

At present we are not interested in ideas that we cannot integrate into the conference. For example, although a weekend on Martha's Vineyard might appeal to those vacationing in Boston, this has nothing to do with the conference. We will collect pre-conference and post-conference tourist ideas at another time. For now, please limit yourself to activities that might be available during the days, afternoons, and evenings of the conference itself.

All suggestions are reviewed by the planning committee.

The text link below will bring you to a guestbook, which is being used to collect suggestions. Please insert your name and email address; the remainder of the information is optional.

Make Your Suggestions

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