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Thanks and Appreciations

There are so many people to thank! Wedding planning and execution are indeed challenges, but without the untiring and creative assistance from those listed below, it would have seemed impossible.

We will continue to add names here as time goes on. Don't hesitate to make suggestions or corrections. :-)

Ceremony, chuppah cover   Michael and Marion Swirski
Ceremony, flowers and arrangements   Barbara and Kenneth Kushner
Ceremony, Orthodox wedding information   Jeanette Dadusc, Daniel and Rachel Dadusc, Rabbi and Mrs. Glazer
Ceremony, witnesses   Michael Burstein, Rabbi Glazer
Guests, gift bags   Phyllis and Lenny Rosokoff
Invitations, Canadian postage stamps for   Mark Huffstickler and Claude Laberge
Invitations, collating   Karen and Sam Maislin, Sarah Dadusc
Location suggestions and footwork   Susan Glueck and Richard Gelfand
Prenuptual dinner, hosting   Barbara and Kenneth Kushner, Karen and Sam Maislin
Resources, general   Jeff Korn
Rings, design and manufacture   Jennifer Bowie, Picklepot Studios
Wedding dress, shopping   Sarah Dadusc