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acting with the spirit of abundance

mPower Mission

We believe that connection with others greatly accelerates personal achievement.

Image To fulfill our vision for you, mPower will seek to understand and respond to your needs in a genuine, accurate, and professional manner. We know first hand that technology can seem opaque and “scary” to even the smartest and most accomplished non-engineers and non-scientists. We also know first-hand that this barrier can be forged through with guidance that is simultaneously technical and personal. The mPower mission also derives from the belief that connection with others has the potential to greatly accelerate achieving your personal contribution. You may meet one in one hundred people who have the talents that compliment yours in that incredible way in which your association serves to amplify both of your individual dreams.

ImageWe have several methods for accomplish our mission:
1. Educate educate educate.
2. Inspire. To help you overcome entrenched can’t-do attitudes.
3. Answer. To resolve your questions through research and presentations that are tailored for your specific needs.
4. Connect. To reach audiences who have common experiences or desires, and foster a collaborative spirit.
5. Ask. The mPower survey is our way of understanding you, our customer and beloved community member, so that we may better serve and anticipate your needs. The results of the survey are also used to intuit what community trends exist as well as trends that extend across multiple types of communities.