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Boston-Area Radio Stations
A spontaneous index by Seth Maislin

These radio stations are listed in numerical order, according to the broadcast frequency on the FM and AM bands. If you notice a station [with website] not listed here, or want to suggest a correction, please let me know by writing me at seth@maislin.com. Include an URL for the station's home page, the call letters and frequency numbers, and an URL for the online listening resource (if available).

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Last updated March 2007.

Boston FM Stations Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

ID and Nickname Home URL Online Listening URL
88.1 WMPR (MIT Radio) http://wmbr.mit.edu/ http://wmbr.mit.edu/wmbr.ram
88.5 WFCR (Public Radio) http://wfcr.org/ http://wfcr.org/wfcr.ram
88.9 WERS (funk, rock, reggae) http://www.wers.org/ click on the "tune in" button
89.3 WAMH (Amherst College)
89.3 WTBU (Boston University)
not available
(multiple formats are available for online streaming)
89.7 WGBH (public broadcasting) http://www.wgbh.org/ http://streams.wgbh.org/wgbh
90.1 WWPI (Worcester Polytech) http://www.wpi.edu/~radio/ http://radio.wpi.edu/Station.asx
90.3 WZBC (Boston College) http://www.bc.edu/bc_org/svp/st_org/wzbc/ http://www.bc.edu/bc_org/svp/st_org/wzbc/streaming.html (choose a player)
90.9 WBUR (Public Radio; Boston University) http://www.wbur.org/ http://www.wbur.org/listen/newstuner.aspx
91.1 WMUA (Univ of Massachusetts at Amherst) http://wmua.org not available
91.3 WXPL (Fitchburg State College)
91.3 WUNH (Univ of New Hampshire)
http://www.wunh.unh.edu:8000/listen.pls (not functional as of 11-8-00)
91.5 WZLY (Wellesley College)
91.5 WMFO (Tufts University)
91.7 WHUS (Univ of Connecticut)
91.7 WPCR (diversity; Plymouth)
91.7 WAVM (Maynard High School; Maynard)
not available
not available
91.9 WCFM (Williams College)
91.9 WUMB (Folk and Roots, University of Massachusetts at Boston)
not available
http://tau.umassp.edu:8000/playlist.pls?mount=/icy_0&file=dummy.pls or http://www.wumb.org/wumb.m3u
92.5 WXRV ("The River"; alternative; Boston) http://www.92.5theriver.com http://www.92.5theriver.com/frames/listenlive/listenlive.html
92.7 WMVY (progressive; Martha'a Vineyard) http://www.mvyradio.com http://www.warpradio.com/asx/wmvy-fm.asx
92.9 WBOS (modern rock; Boston) http://www.wbos.com/ go to home page and click on Listen button
93.5 WYST (oldies; Cape Cod) http://www.oldies935.com/ (under construction) not available
93.7 WQSX (Rhythmic Top 40) http://www.star937fm.com/ http://www.streamaudio.com/listen?station=WQSX_FM (registration required)
94.5 WJMN (Jammin; Boston) http://www.jamn945.com/ not available
95.1 WXTK (news & talk radio; West Yarmouth) http://www.95wxtk.com/ not available
95.3 WHRB (Harvard University) http://hcs.harvard.edu/~whrb (broadband also available)
95.9 WATD (various styles, news, and talk) http://watd959.com not available
96.3 WRZE (The Rose) (http://www.therose.net/) go to home page (requires Shockwave), wait through intro, select Listen Live
96.9 WSJZ (smooth jazz)
96.9 WTKK (talk radio)
not available
97.3 WJDF (music from '60s through today) http://www.wjdf.com not available
97.7 WBOT no website  
98.5 WBMX (Mix98.5; modern rock and Top 40) http://www.mix985.com not available
99.1 WPLM (easy listening; Plymouth) http://www.wplm.fm not available
99.5 WCRB (classical) http://www.wcrb.com/ click on "Relax and Enjoy the Music"
99.9 WECB (Emerson College) http://pages.emerson.edu/organizations/wecb/ http://pages.emerson.edu/organizations/wecb/ra.html
100.1 WBRS (Brandeis University) http://www.wbrs.org http://www.nibblebox.com/radioplayer/radioplayer.asp?radio=WBRS
100.7 WZLX (classic rock) http://www.wzlx.com/home.html not available
101.1 WWKJ (KJ 101; classic rock; Cape Cod) http://www.kj101.com/ not available
101.7 WFNX (alternative rock) http://www.fnxradio.com/index.html go to home page and select player
101.9 WCIB (Cool 102; soft rock) (http://www.cool102.com/) go to home page (requires Shockwave), wait through intro, select Listen Live
102.5 WKLB (country) http://www.wklb.com/ go to home page and click on link at bottom
103.3 WODS (Oldies 103.3) http://www.oldies1033.com/ not available
104.1 WBCN (heavy rock) http://www.wbcn.com/live/ not available
104.9 WRBB (Northeastern University) http://www.dac.neu.edu/wrbb/ http://www.live365.com/cgi-bin/directory.cgi?genre=search&searchdesc=wrbb
105.7 WROR (Rockin' Hits of the '60s and '70s) http://www.wror.com/ click on the "Click Here to Hear..." link
105.9 WCOD (news & talk radio; Cape Cod) http://www.106wcod.com/ not available
106.7 WMJX (soft rock and easy listening) http://www.wmjx.com/ go to home page, click on the appropriate image
107.3 WAAF (hard rock) http://www.waaf.com/ http://www.waaf.com/new_listen.shtml# (registration required)
107.9 WXKS (Kiss 108; top 40) http://www.kiss108.com not available

All Web Stations http://wmbr.mit.edu/stations/fm.html
NEUF radio (Waltham MA) http://www.neufradio.com

Massachusetts AM Stations Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

ID and Nickname Home URL Online Listening URL
560 WHYN (news/talk; Springfield MA) http://www.whynam560.com http://www.broadcast.com/radio/talk/whynam
590 WEZE "Family 590" (Christian; Boston MA) http://www.family590weze.com not available
640 WNNZ "The Fan" (Sports; Westfield MA) http://www.wnnz.com not available
740 WJIB (Light adult-contemporary oldies; Cambridge MA) http://www.bostonradio.org/stations/6146.html not available
680 WRKO (news/talk; Boston MA) http://www.wrko.com/home.shtml http://www.streamaudio.com/listen?station=WRKO_AM
850 WEEI (sports; Boston MA) http://www.weei.com http://www.streamaudio.com/listen?station=WEEI_AM
or click on "Listen Now" link at upper right
890 WAMG (ESPN Radio; Boston MA) http://www.espnboston.com/home.shtml not available
960 WFGL "Good Life Radio" (Christian; Fitchburg, MA) http://www.goodliferadio.org not available
980 WCAP (talk; Lowell MA) http://www.wcap.net not available
990 WBPS (Renaissance Radio; Providence RI) http://www.renaissanceradio.com/ not available
1030 WBZ "Newsradio" (news/talk; Boston MA) http://www.wbz.com/now/section/0,1636,10000-364,00.shtml not available
1060 WBIX (business talk; Natick MA) http://www.business1060.com visit "Listen Now" in upper-left corner, or click here:
Windows Media or RealAudio
1090 WILD "The People's Station" (urban oldies; Boston MA) http://www.wildam1090.com/ not available
1200 WKOX (liberal talk radio; Framingham MA) http://www.bostonsprogressivetalk.com Visit the home page and click "Listen Online Now."
1260 WMKI (Radio Disney Network; Boston MA) http://disney.go.com/radiodisney/index_main.html not available
1310 WORC (news/talk; Worcester MA) http://www.worconline.com not available
1330 WRCA "Caliente 1330" (Spanish; Waltham MA) http://www.caliente1330.com/ not available
1400 WLLH (Spanish; Lowell MA) http://www.latinboston.com/lamegasepega not available
1400 WHMP (news/talk; Northhampton MA) station has no website http://www.broadcast.com/radio/talk/whmpam
1420 WBEC (news/talk; Pittsfield MA) http://www.am1420wbec.com not available
1430 WKOX (liberal talk radio; Medford MA) http://www.bostonsprogressivetalk.com Visit the home page and click "Listen Online Now."
1440 WVEI (simultaneous broadcast of 850 WEEI-AM; Worcester MA) http://www.weei.com/ http://www.streamaudio.com/listen?station=WEEI_AM
1480 WSAR "Voice of the South Coast" (talk; Fall River, MA) http://www.wsar.com/coverage.htm not available
1510 WNRB "One-on-One Sports" (sports; Boston MA) http://www.1on1sports.com/ http://www.1on1sports.com/page_counter.cfm
1550 WNTN (ethnic; Newton MA) http://www.wntn.com/ not available
1570 WNSH (talk; Beverly MA) http://www.wnsh.com not available
1600 WHNP (simultaneous broadcast of 1400 WHMP; East Longmeadow MA)
1600 WUNR (Brookline MA)
station has no website
no URL found
no URL found


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