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  • Seth is an indexing and information architecture consultant, specializing in the construction of navigable information hierarchies, knowledge retrieval systems, and indexes. He is an industry leader in editorial indexing and search and database keywording.

    Seth is an adjunct instructor at Bentley College, Middlesex Community College, and Simmons College, all in Massachusetts. His acclaimed interactive online-learning indexing course is only one of two in the global industry. Seth is also acclaimed for his custom and corporate/private instruction, which he has delivered throughout the United States and in other several countries, including Germany and Israel.

    Seth is a

      senior managing partner of Potomac Indexing, LLC (PI), an indexing firm working with nearly 100 clients and dozens of professional indexers. PI was founded with and is driven by an attitude of service, to customers and the information profession.

      senior taxonomy consultant for Earley & Associates, an information management (IM) consulting company specializing in taxonomy development and management, content management strategy, search integration, usability, and information architecture.

      user experience consultant with Wilde Interactive, a group of experienced strategists, marketers, and technology experts who are committed to developing online solutions that deliver measurable results.

    Seth has worked independently with a large variety of clients, such as the United Nations Library, Mattel, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Caterpillar, Mercedes-Benz, Elsevier, and PeopleSoft. Notable former in-house positions include senior integration manager at Terra Lycos, and senior indexer at O'Reilly & Associates. He has written several articles for professional print and online periodicals and presents regularly on topics related to indexing, information architecture, search and keywording, and taxonomy.

    Seth served on the national board of the American Society for Indexing (ASI), including as president in 2006-7. He is a continually active member and volunteer within only professional organization in the United States devoted solely to the advancement of indexing, abstracting, and database building. He currently chairs the ASI Training Course committee and has demonstrated an ongoing value toward education about indexing, the professional development of indexers, and the business and recognition of the indexing discipline.

    Seth is also a senior member of the Society for Technical Communication, member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing, and member of the Text and Academic Authors Association. He is volunteer webmaster for the Arlington Family Connection.

    Seth writes both nonfiction and fiction, plays piano, occasionally performs as an improvizational actor and singer, exercises on inline skates (in good weather) or a stair-master (otherwise), cooks, reads, and bowls. Did you know there are six kinds of bowling in the world? Only a taxonomist would know that.


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