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Let me tell you about a new group I've joined called Improvelocity.

Improvelocity (http://www.improvelocity.com is the new free-form improvisational group featuring four singers and instrumentalists (keyboards, percussion, more). I'm one of the singers!

This is a really nifty group of people, with a mix of backgrounds and attitudes. I feel lucky to have found them and been invited to join. We're still new and fresh and having fun, and those who have heard us enjoy themselves. Unlike improvisational theater, we just sing. Unlike jazz, we sing whatever we want, in whatever style we feel like at the moment. The words range from poetry (we'll even do your poems, if you've got 'em) to tongue twisters and nonsense. And all of the music is invented impulsively on the spot by listening to each other.

February 13, 2005, is our first public performance. We're looking to build up our audience and get a feel for what works on stage, and what doesn't. Please spread the word.

Contact Seth at seth@maislin.com

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